Exporting to the USA

Which vehicles can be imported into the USA ?

Below are some of the more common FAQ’s. If you have a question that is not answered below, please e mail exports@landrovercentre.com for a prompt and informative reply. Or alternatively if you wish to discuss your requirements, we will also be happy to hear from you.

Land Rovers suitable for USA export

Q. Which models can be imported ?

Any Land Rover over 25 years old, this will include the Series I, Series II, Series IIA, Series III and some very early Defender models.

Q. What about the newer Defender models ?

These were manufactured from 1983 onwards, so only very early examples.

Q. Why can’t Land Rovers newer than 25 years old be imported ?

Because they do not meet US safety (DOT) and emission (EPA) regulations.

Q. But I have seen newer Defender models in the US, like the D90, and the 110 ?

Yes, but these are vehicles specifically built by Land Rover, for the US market, and were built specifically to meet the US regulations. Their cost reflected the extra work land Rover had to put into these vehicles to make them comply.

Q. So what about buying a newer defender in the UK, and making it comply with the US regulations ?

People have been looking at this possibility for many years, but unfortunately this would have to be done by someone in the US with a licence to modify a particular model. Unfortunately there is nobody that holds a licence to modify Land Rovers. Also the expense of this would make the vehicles as expensive, or possibly MORE expensive than the Defenders already in the US.

Q. OK – Enough with the questions, show me the 25+ year old “Classic” Land Rovers that CAN be imported ?

Land Rovers ready for USA export


Shipping Land Rovers to America

Once you have purchased a Land Rover from us, we will be happy to arrange the shipping – below are some GUIDE prices

Please E MAIL exports@landrovercentre.com for an exact quotation.

PORT Short Wheel Base 88″ Long Wheel Base 109″
Baltimore $2500 $3000
New York $2500 $3000
Houston $2800 $3300