Today we were very pleased to receive a visit by Fredrck from Sweden.

The last time we met was 19 years ago – when he purchased his 1985 Land Rover 90 from us.

He still owns the 90, along with a Mini and a Discovery.

Since his last visit Fredrick has also acquired a wife and 2 great kids !!

update 20th August 2018

Hi Mark,

 Thanks for the very nice conversation when we turned up at Land Rover Centre in July during our Britain vacation

 Please see the attached pictures of my former c-reg Ninety “China” (and the other two British cars in the garage)

 The Ninety is still going strong being taken well care of. Mostly used for green-laning and camping.

 A few years ago I felt that only one Land Rover wasn´t enough, so I sourced a first generation Discovery 1 200tdi 1993 in really good condition. Wonderful road cruiser and also capable green-laner

 But there was a tiny spot left in the garage, why not get a Leyland Mini 1000 1977. Makes people smile when you´re coming along the street.

 Best Regards 


 Fredrik Johnander