Whenever we sell one of our Land Rovers – we always tell customers that we will be here to help “Long after the warranty has expired”

That was the case this weekend, when we received an E Mail from Pedro. He lives in Portugal, and bought a Series 3 Land Rover from us 17 years ago.

He needed to buy a replacement fuel tank – and we were happy to be able to help.

Back in 2000, he traveled over from Portugal, and had a great adventure driving the Land Rover home with his son and daughter.

Here at Land Rover Centre, we also have a great archive of photographs – going back over 40 years – so we were able to dig out the photo’s taken when the Land Rover was collected, and also those he sent to us once he had arrived home, and finally today, we received some more – showing the “Canoe rack” – fabricated by his son.