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Today we received this picture and these kind words from Paul in New Jersey.

At long last!

In February 2016 I finally pulled the trigger on a long held dream and purchased a 1994 soft top LHD Defender 90 from the Land Rover centre.

I knew I would have to store it for 3 years before it was eligible to come over to the states but the wait was worth it.

I bought the vehicle sight unseen but after talking with Mark Griffiths I was confident that it would meet expectations – I did see it 9 months later and the pictures and descriptions proved to be 100% accurate.

It spent the next 2 years in my mother’s garage in Yorkshire, when she moved house Mark came up and transported it down to their shop and stored it for the last year (at a very reasonable cost).

Shortly before shipping Paul Keogh and his crew gave it a thorough overhaul (including a repaint of the bumper, new soft top etc.) and replaced any seals etc. that might have been impacted for sitting for so long.  

It is now sitting in my garage in NJ waiting for motor vehicles to issue a title and enable me to get NJ plates – then it is out on the open road at long last!

I cannot speak highly enough about the team at the Land Rover centre, they answered all my many questions pre-sale and made this whole experience (including shipping) very straight forward.

Cheers guys!


Brookside, NJ