Land Rover Centre Mission Statement

To buy, rebuild and sell the very best quality Land Rovers and Range Rovers
Backed by our world renowned customer service.

Exporting Worldwide Since 1968

Below are our company's greatest assets.
Please do no hesitate to contact any of us for friendly help and advice.

Peter Garside - Founder Peter Garside – FOUNDER - Peter purchased and sold his first Land Rover in 1968 – and so the story of Land Rover Centre began. Although he is now past retirement age, he can’t keep away and always enjoys chatting to customers old and new, as well as helping us to source the very best Classic Land Rovers we can find.
Mark Griffiths - Sales Manager Mark Griffiths – Land Rover Sales & Export Manager - 26 years service. Prides himself on being able to match Land Rovers to customers requirements. So if you are thinking of buying or selling a Land Rover – he’s the man to talk to.
IMG_4907 Paul Keogh – Service Manager - Paul has worked in the Land Rover industry since leaving school in 1998. He has a huge amount of experience and knowledge and is the man to talk to regarding any service, MOT or repair work your Land Rover needs – From todays modern Land Rovers – right back to the beginning in 1948 !  
Ashley Crawshaw - Parts Guy Ashley Crawshaw – Online Parts Guy - Ash is in charge of our E Bay business, also our world wide parts shipping and sales Sevice…… parts delivered to you door for not a lot more, same day dispatch.      
Kyle Parchment - Parts Guy Kyle Parchment – Parts Guy - Kyle is our “Over the counter” parts guy who also keeps our service bays supplied with everything they need on a daily basis He has recently joined us from one of the UK’s largest parts distributors.  
sm_colin Colin Boothroyd - 40 years service. Over the years Colin has done every job in the shop he is also on the wind down towards retirement and is now our resident historian he also takes care of the admin side.    
sm_steve Steve Whitehead - 41 years of service at Land Rover Centre. Steve is now winding down towards retirement working just three days a week helping take care of our series land rovers.
Mark Dyson Mark Dyson – Trimshop - 29 years service -“meticulous” Mark heads up the trim shop/paint department and his attention to detail makes our land rovers the best prepared and presented on the market.

Why Buy From Land Rover Centre?

1. Established 1968

There’s No Substitute for Experience

2. Experienced Staff

Nearly 200 Years Combined Experience Under One Roof

3. The Largest Selection of Classic Land Rovers in the UK

Always 30 or more top quality Classic Land Rovers to choose from, having been in the business for so long we are often offered land rovers before they go on to the open market

4. We Only Re-build or Buy The Very Best

We spend time sourcing the very best – So that you don’t have to

5. Old Fashioned Customer Service

No high pressure sales. We prefer you to buy, rather than for us to sell

6. Our Own Workshops

All Land Rovers are prepared by our staff in our workshops

7. Huge Parts Department –

over 40,000 parts and accessories in stock

8. All Land Rover Sold With Our Land Rover Centre Warranty

Not an Insurance Policy – which is often not worth the paper it’s printed on

9. UK Delivery Available

Delivery and Hand-Over carried out by our own experienced staff who will spend time showing you the workings of your new Land Rover

10. Worldwide Shipping

We have been exporting Land Rovers worldwide for over 30 years