Like many industries, the Land Rover world is littered with abbreviations and catch words. Here are some of the more common ones, and their meanings.

Obviously there will be many more that we have not yet thought of, but just let us know and we will add any that you may think useful to others. Just let us know at:


  • Warranty - Bronze Warranty This is a “Major Mechanical” warranty, and covers mechanical failure of: Engine Clutch Gearbox Transfer Box Overdrive (if fitted) Axles and Differentials Road Springs Starter Motor Alternator This is a “Return to base” warranty, and these items will be repaired or replaced free of charge in our workshop if the failure occurs within […]
  • T/CAB - Truck Cab Often called a pick-up, this is the small cab that encloses just the front cab area of the Land Rover. These are often fitted with the 3/4 tilt (see above).
  • S/TOP - Soft Top This refers to Land Rovers which have a canvass hood, usually full length. (see below).
  • RHD - Right Hand Drive UK side steering
  • RAF - Royal Air Force. (See MOD).
  • O/D - Overdrive. This can be fitted to the Series Land Rovers, effectively giving them a 5th gear. Improves fuel economy and comfort.
  • MOT - Ministry Of Transport (test). This is the compulsory annual safety and emission test that all British vehicles are subject to.
  • MOD - Ministry Of Defence. Hence the expression X-MOD, which refers to any vehicles that have previously been in Military service. Vehicles that have come direct from the M.O.D. with no other owners, are often referred to as “Direct Release”.
  • LPG - Liquid Petroleum Gas. Very popular in the late 70’s and early 80’s, and is now enjoying renewed popularity due to the increasing costs of UK and Continental fuel. Conversions cost between £1,000 to £1,500 and can save up to 50% on fuel costs.
  • LHD - Left hand Drive US, and continental side steering