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The Land Rover Defender is sadly no longer being built, but thankfully there are many, many models of this enduring classic still in circulation. A large number of existing Defenders have already passed through our custody and we look forward to greeting many more in future. The classic design of the Land Rover Defender is permanently etched in the memory of many motoring enthusiasts, although the ‘Defender’ name didn’t actually enter the Land Rover vernacular until 1990. Whilst many previous models carry the Defender appearance, we use ‘Defender’ to refer to models with a 110 inch wheelbase and sprung coils.

Since Defenders aren’t being built anymore, those wishing to own an example of this era-defining classic must now turn to the second hand market in order to track one down. Thankfully, however, this doesn’t mean taking a big risk, simply work with us and rest easy knowing every Defender that passes through our custody has had the benefit of our expert eye. With so many having passed through our premises over the years we know exactly what to look for in a used model in order to ensure that the vehicles our happy customers take away are ready to be enjoyed for many years to come.

We’ve serviced and reconditioned hundreds of Defenders over the years, from standard production models through to modified off roaders and impressive ex military models. Whether you’re looking for a mint, all original example or looking for something a bit more unique, if we don’t have it we’ll be able to find it for you. If you’ve managed to source one yourself but are keen for some professional reassurance, our on site parts and service departments can take care of everything for from minor repairs to upholstery through to full engine rebuilds and even soft top conversions. Take a look at our current stock and if you can’t see exactly what you’re looking for just give us a call for chat and we’ll start the search for you.

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