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Despite our reputation as one of the leading centres for all things Land Rover, we’ve always had our eyes peeled for interesting and unusual vehicles. We have been known to acquire custom and modified Land Rovers built as props for film sets, as well as classic motorbikes and toy, scale models of Land Rovers.

Toylanders understandably have a place close to our hearts and we will always take the opportunity to carry on their fine tradition and pass them onto to new budding drivers. Originally introduced in the late 1980s, these delightful scaled-down electric Land Rover replicas hark back to the style of some of the earliest production models and are equally popular with our grown up customers as they are with their children. We’ve usually got a few in stock, but if there’s a specific model or design you’d like we’d be happy to help find it for you. Some of the more enthusiastic collectors we have the pleasure of working with often like to complete their Land Rover collection with a matching Toylander. We’re happy to paint them to match yours using our on site workshop.

Heavily modified Land Rovers have passed through our doors several times over the years, so if you’ve come across an unusual model you’re curious about we may be able to help shed some light on its heritage. The original Land Rovers are such fantastic and enduring pieces of engineering that enterprising owners have carried out all manner of unique and innovative modifications to them. Some of our personal favourites include the ‘Judge Dredd’ models which were used as props in the film of the same name. Almost all were dismantled after filming, but we were lucky enough to take possession of a couple of stunning examples which eventually found a loving home with one of our collector friends.

If you’re looking for something Land Rover related but a bit out of the ordinary, give us a call for a chat. Whilst our main business will always be classic and modern Land Rovers and their relatives, we’re always happy to help fellow enthusiasts track down exactly what it is they’re looking for.

We stock a range of Classic Land Rovers including EX RAF and custom Land Rover Defender models.

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