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C319 EME – 1981 Land Rover Series 3 – Stage 1 V8 – Townley 6 x 6 !


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Primary Vehicle Information

  • Exterior Color: Deep Bronze Green
  • Interior Color: Black Vinyl
  • Engine: 8 Cylinder
  • Transmission: Manual
  • Fuel Type: Petrol


C319 EME – 1981 Land Rover Series 3 – Stage 1 V8 – Townley 6 x 6 !

This Land Rover was built on 15.10.1981 and started life as a standard series 3 109 stage 1 V8

It was dispatched to Townley Cross Country Vehicles, where it was stretched and converted to 6 x 6 – Townley, was a company renowned in the 80’s for their stretched Range Rover and 6 x 6 Rover conversions (Much like Wood and Picket) – This is believed toi be one of 2 Land Rovers converted to 6 x 6 by them.

Registered for road use in May 1986 and the first owner Mr Richard Coulson used it for towing his concrete pump, whilst the ample rear load bed carried all the pipes.

Purchased from Mr Coulson in 1995 by Mark Peacock (of Mark Peacock Land Rovers) it then passed to a Mr Draper from Ipswich.

Mark Peacock re-purchased it in February 2005 and the Land Rover then sat until 2016

He then persuaded Alistair of Richards Chassis to produce a bespoke Galvanised chassis for the beast – The rebuild could now begin in earnest, and would take 2 years to complete, during which time everything was either rebuilt or replaced, including a new bulkhead and replacement “Townley” rear wings.

The results as you can see are stunning.

A photographic record of the restoration is included.

“Not for the faint Hearted” as they say – But a unique and interesting Land Rover that would be the star of any car collection