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If you’re looking for a classic, restored or modern Range Rover your search is over. Since the earliest models rolled off the production line in 1970 we’ve been carrying out everything from straightforward sales to light repairs and full-on restorations. We’ve worked with both classic and modern models in a huge variety of configurations. In each case, we know exactly what to look for and what to check in order to keep these wonderful vehicles running smoothly for many years to come. We’re very proud to have the first Range Rover, chassis number 1, on display right here in our Huddersfield showroom. If there’s something about these fantastic vehicles we don’t know, it’s probably not worth knowing.

If you’re in the market for a specific model of Range Rover simply let us know and we’ll set about tracking one down for you. You’ll enjoy the advantages of our many years of experience, knowing what to look out for and where to look when tracking down a Range Rover. If you’re interested in something a little more unique we’re happy to draw on our network of collector contacts to help track it down. We can also undo or create modifications to your current Range Rover, so whether you’re looking for a conversion or a restoration, we have the parts in stock and the skills on tap to deliver exactly what you want.

Modern Range Rovers have evolved considerably since their 1970s ancestors, but we’ve evolved with them. Of course, the modern models come with a variety of new features which are often more complex to repair and maintain. As one of the leading aftermarket service providers for Range Rovers, we’ve made it a point to stay on top of this progress, so no matter how complex the issue, we’re confident our on-site workshop will be able to make short work of it and have you back on the road, or off it, in no time.

We’ve also had the pleasure of working on hundreds of classic Land Rovers including all the Series I, II, IIA and III models as well as rarer lightweight and ex-MOD Land Rovers. We also stock EX RAF vehicles and custom Land Rover Defender models and much, much more.

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