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NPK 63P – 2139 City Cab – Judge Dredd !


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Primary Vehicle Information

  • Engine: 8 Cylinder
  • Fuel Type: Petrol


NPK 63P – 2139 City Cab – Judge Dredd !

“Set in 2139 “Mega City One” is the hostile environment formerly known as “New York”

Society as we know it has collapsed, the traditional freedoms of society no longer apply, and the judges combine the function of Judge, Jury and executioner.

If you want to travel anywhere in Mega City One – you hail a cab – Painted yellow just as New York cabs have always been, but constructed like a fortress on wheels to protect you from the hostile world outside !”

(James Taylor – LRO August 1995)

Here we have for sale an original “City Cab” – not only built for and featured in the film, but one of only 2 that were road registered to enable them to take to the streets around Leicester Square for the film’s London premiere.

Based on a standard 101 FC. Most of the 31 “City Cabs” were returned to standard 101 FC after the filming was completed.

This example has been in a private collection since 1998 and is a rare opportunity to acquire what must surely be one of the rarest Land Rovers on the planet.

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