Accessories available from Land Rover Centre Huddersfield.

All prices include fitting

 Side Step  Side Step (each)  £100
 Rear Step - Original type  Rear Step(original)  £200
 Tow Ball Mounted Rear Step  Rear Step(Tow Ball Mounted)  £59
 P1200505 Front Mud Flaps  £69
 P1200019  Rear Mud Flaps £95
 P1200021   Rear Bench Seats(Vinyl Pair)   £139
 P1200021  4 x Rear Lap Belts  £220
 MRC7354-SAL-KIT  Front Seat Belt Safety Bar & Belts £449
 P1200020  Side Opening Tailgate   £688
 P1200503  Side Swinging Rear Wheel Carrier £549
 P1200715 Bonnet Mounted Spare Wheel   £159
 P1160788   Soft Top Kit (88″)  £1199
 Fairey Overdrive  Fairey Overdrive(Subject to availability) £ 995
 Rocky Mountain Roverdrive  Rocky Mountain Roverdrive  £1,495
 P1200512 Free Wheel Hubs  £210
 Fume Curtain  Fume Curtain / Cab Warmer

Although termed a “Fume Curtain” – Most people buy these to keep the cab warm in winter

 P1200714  Radiator Muff   £89
 parabolic springs  Parabolic Spring Set   £600
 P1200511  5 New Radial Tyres   (From)   £583
 P1200716  Disklok Steering Lock  £100
 Acoustic Moulded Matting System  Acoustic Molded Matting System  £699
 P1200717   Front lamp guards £55
 Sliding Side Windows - Aluminium Frame  Sliding Side Windows   £400