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NMA 226 – 1950 Land Rover Series 1 – 80″ – Low mileage – Low owners


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Primary Vehicle Information

  • Mileage: 68700
  • Exterior Color: Bronze Green
  • Interior Color: Green Vinyl
  • Engine: 4 Cylinder
  • Fuel Type: Petrol
  • Doors: Two


NMA 226 – 1950 Land Rover Series 1 – 80″

Where to begin ?

Here we have a delightful 1950 Series 1 Land Rover 80″ that is low miles and low ownership from new.

Subject to a ground up restoration in 1996 – 1998 this Land Rover still presents extremely well and whilst not concours, we would describe this as a very usable Series 1 “lights through grill” Land Rover in excellent condition throughout, and comes with a large history file of supporting and interesting  information.

According to the Heritage Certificate, this Land Rover was delivered new on 8th December 1950 to V Greenhous Limited, Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

Owner 1 – Mr Harry Barker of Stafford, presumably took delivery almost immediately, as it was registered to him 5 days later on 13.12.1950.

Mr Barker was the owner and caretaker of this little gem for the next 46 years !

Interestingly, in the history folder is an envelope from Mr barker addressed to My Dyson (3rd owner) posted in 2006, which contains a hand written letter, a Black and White photograph – dated August 1959 PLUS – The original (not a reproduction) Land Rover Operation manual (First edition) dated October 1950. It is a little tatty, but it all appears to be there – and what a great piece of history to have – and how lovely  that the handbook and the Land Rover were reunited after 10 years apart – and still remain together after 70 years !

Also included is an original 1966 “Tax Disc” – showing that it was taxed as “Goods farmers” taxation class at a cost of £6.12.00

(Six pounds, twelve shillings, zero pence)

Another interesting item – that still survives (just) after more than 50 years and is an insight into a bygone time, as well as being a nice piece of memorabilia to own.

There is also a photocopy of an early “Log book” from some time in the 1960s that show Mr barker as the owner. There are also copies of more modern “registration documents” that also show Mr Barker as the owner up to 1996 when NMA changed hands for the first time.

01.10.1996 – First change of ownership from Mr barker (Owner 1) to Mr Davies (Owner 2) – also of Staffordshire).

We understand that the original owner stopped driving the Land Rover in 1966, so by the time it passed tot he second owner – it had been unused for some 30 odd years.

Among the history file are some photographs showing the Land Rover at this time – and you can see from them that it was not a “Basket case” – more that it had been a little neglected and was looking a little sorry for itself and “down in the dumps”.

Mr Davies apparently purchased NMA with the sole aim of restoring it to it’s former glory in time for the 50th Anniversary celebrations in 1998 – This gave him just under 2 years to complete the task.

Again – There are a few photographs from the period, showing some of the work carried out – Including galvanising of the original chassis and the fitting of a galvanised bulkhead and other parts.

The fact that the Land Rover survives today – nearly a quarter of a century later in such lovely condition is a testament to the restoration carried out by Mr Davies.

NMA was indeed ready for the “Golden Jubilee” 50th Anniversary rally, which took part at Shugborogh Hall on the weekend of 27th – 28th June 1998.

Once again, the history file contains some interesting items relating to this weekend – namely the original branded envelope – posted out to exhibitors by the “Land Rover Series One Club”, containing the program for the event (with a list of exhibitors) , a certificate commemorating NMA attendance at the event, and a small brass plaque.

There are also a few pictures taken of NMA at the event.

Mr Davies owned NMA for 7 years before eventually passing custodianship to owner No 3 – My Dyson (of Huddersfield) in 2003.

During his ownership, Mr Davies kept receipts and records during his ownership – Including “Valuation certificates” and MOT certificates (listed below) which support the original mileage of 68,700.

Since 2003, NMA has remained in the careful ownership of Mr Dyson – owner No 3.

It has been used sparingly – covering less than 3,000 miles in his 19 year ownership.

Again, receipts and MOT certificates have been retained to support the mileage.

MOT Mileage history:

  • 1998 – 65,757
  • 2000 – 65821
  • 2001 – 65898
  • 2003 – 65902
  • 2004 – 66021
  • 2005 – 67195
  • 2006 – 67276
  • 2007 – 67389
  • 2008 – 67460
  • 2009 – 67575
  • 2010 – 68028
  • 2011 – 68252
  • 2012 – 68363
So to sum up – we have a 1950, lights through grill 80″ Land Rover, that has been the subject of a good quality restoration in the past. It now survives in what can only be described as excellent condition – and is on the lookout for a new owner.
Lots of original features:
  • 1.6 engine
  • Bronze Green
  • Lights through grill
  • Galvanised body cappings
  • Avon Traction mileage tyres
  • spare in back
  • Green spade front seats
  • rear bench seats (green)
  • Full tilt
  • No exterior door handles
  • “Pig tail” towing hook on bumper
  • Push button start
  • Metal spoke steering wheel
  • dip switch on steering wheel
  • Rear “D” lamps
  • rear grab handles
  • single windscreen wiper

This Land Rover really is just short of a bail of hay and a couple of Labradors to complete the iconic 1950s scene

Hard to find with such low mileage, low ownership and such good provenance – What we would call “A keeper”

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Thank you.