This Journey began back in June, when Antonia contacted us inquiring about the possibilities of having a Defender shipped out from us here in Huddersfield, UK to her in Birmingham, Alabama, USA.

We exchanged a few e mails and telephone calls, and finally found her a very original 1994 Land Rover 90 Defender that we thought would fit the bill.

She sent her parents (who still live in the UK) over to meet us, check out the Land Rover, and check out us – to make sure we were nice guys !!

We must have made a good impression, as we were on the phone agreeing a deal before her parents headed back home.

We prepared the Land Rover for her and finally delivered it to the Docks in Southampton at the end of August.

Yesterday, the Land Rover finally arrived in Savannah, and Antonia went to collect it and set off on her 400 mile drive home !!

Today we were very pleased to receive this message and pictures !

Wowwwww I finally have it with me!!

I flew to Savannah very early this morning and got an Uber to the port, had a bit of waiting and paperwork but got there in the end! And just drove it back!

It drove so well!! Took about 7 hours to drive including stops. I’m exhausted but it was all totally worth it and I’m in love!

Can’t thank you enough!

Yes this car is a true gem. Thanks for spotting it for me and getting it prepped. 

Yes i will definitely allot time to chat to people wherever I go now. Day one in and everyone loves it! 

I’ll definitely be in touch. Love that I’m an official friend of the Land Rover centre! Also love the sticker on the back. The best 4x4xFar and your motto on the spare cover…”there’s no substitute for experience”!!
So so cool!
Thanks again!