Over the years, here at Land Rover Centre we have encountered some coincidences and none more strange than a phone call we received this week from a gentleman in the USA who has just purchased on of our Series Land Rovers that we exported to the USA in 1998.

The moment he mentioned the previous owner – Mr Strong – the whole memory came flooding back.

The coincidence is that Antonia (in our previous post) has just driven her Defender 400 miles home from Savannah to Birmingham, Alabama – quite the first drive.

HOWEVER – Michael Strong, took it a step further !

The story began back in June ’98 when a business trip brought Michael to the UK.

He decided to combine it with a visit to The Land Rover Centre.

This beautifully restored SIIA was sitting in the showroom, and the rest as they say “Is History”.

Wanting to make this a memorable purchase, he decided to have us deliver the Land Rover to New York . . .


. . . and then drive the 3,000 miles home to Carmel Valley, California – in a 1964 Series IIA Land Rover.

We are often asked if these classic Series Land Rovers can be driven long distances and are they reliable ?

The answer is “yes”

So, having owned the Land Rover for 24 years – it has now passed to another custodian, who we hope will keep in touch with us – we will be posting more pictures when we receive them !

Some of you out there in Internet land may already know this – others may not, but there is a web site “Archive.org” that for many years recorded a copy of web sites around the world.

We checked it out, and believe it or not – They have a copy of the story that we originally posted om our web site back in 1998 !

How cool is THAT !

Please follow the links below to read the original articles and have fun checking out archived copies of your favorite web sites !

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