If you are a regular follower of our page, you will know that we maintain an excellent archive of the Land Rovers we have bought and sold over the years.

This week we were called on twice.

Firstly by Scotty – He purchased A366 TDM – a late model Series 3 diesel approx 9 years ago. This one was easy to check, a search of our image files and our computerised records took only a few minutes, and we were able to confirm that we had purchased and sold the Land Rover back in 2009.

We can see from the pictures Scotty provided – it is still in great condition !

The second inquiry was a little more difficult – A821 CHH – Currently for sale in Elgin, Scotland and we were contacted by a potential buyer to inquire if we could confirm the sellers claims that i had been through our hands.

Our computerised records go back to 1993 – and unfortunately it was not recorded in that time period.#

So – into the old stock books and checking from 1984 (the year of the Land Rover to 1993 the beginning of our computerised records.

After checking our car stock book for that 9 year period – it was not found

Then into our old “commercial stock book” and that revealed A820 CHH had been bought and sold twice, and then finally an entry for A821 CHH – sold in August 1988 – some 35 years ago !!

We were happy to be able to confirm the Land Rover had in fact been through our hands – albeit some time ago when it was only 4 or 5 years old !!

Pictures of A821 CHH – reproduced by kind permission of current owner Andrew Seymour