A821 KSH – 1983 Series 3 – Galvanised Chassis


Primary Vehicle Information

  • Mileage: 45,500

Additional Features



A821 KSH – 1983 Series 3

Galvanised Chassis

45,500 Miles

Hard Top

This low mileage Land Rover has been rebuilt onto a Galvanised Chassis*

Finished in original Deep Bronze Green with Limestone Hard Top and black vinyl trim.

The Land Rover is a class-less vehicle, and would not be out of place anywhere.

As with all our Land Rovers, there are many options and this one could easily be converted to side windows and rear bench seats, or indeed a full soft top – please ask for details.

To be sold fully serviced, with 12 months MOT and Silver Warranty

* Please note – you may see many Land Rovers with galvanised chassis, However it is HOW they have been re-built and by WHOM that counts !

Some/majority just have their old body and mechanics dropped onto a new chassis (often from a very great height ! ) However some have been transferred with care by people who know what they are doing There is a world of difference !